4 Jan

What is a Push Notification?

Push notifications are when a website, app, or other internet based publisher sends out a message to subscribers or site visitors. Push notifications are clickable pop-up messages that appear on your users’ browser or device.

Push notifications are effective marketing tools because they allow you to reach potential customers regardless of which platform they are using and they don’t have to open an email or visit your site to see the notification.

Push Notification Examples

Push Notification Example iPhone
OneSignal Push Notification Example macOS

Benefits of Push Notifications

  • Better CTR than email or text messages: Push notifications have much higher open rates than email or text messages. This lets businesses get more ROI from push notifications than other forms of messaging.
  • Allows for specific targeting: Push notifications allow for very specific targeting by location, user type, and demographic data. For example, you can reach potential customers whenever they are within a certain distance from your business.
  • Less Competitive than email: When someone receives a marketing email, there are a number of reasons they may not open it. Their email inbox could be swamped with thousands of messages or your email could get put in a spam or promotions folder. Push notifications appear directly to your user so they don’t have to comb through tons of other marketing content to find yours.

What Does It Mean To Enable Push Notifications?

Users who have just installed your app or visited your website may be prompted to “enable push notifications”. If a user enables push notifications, they are giving you or your business permission to send them pushes at any time. When a user has push notifications enabled, you can reach them on their mobile device or desktop computer, depending on where they are connected.