27 Oct

Meta Reports a Second Decline in Revenue in a Difficult Week for Tech Companies

Find out why Meta's sales dropped 4% and the challenges digital advertisers are facing due to Apple's latest changes in their privacy policy. Stay informed with Position Mobile Ltd., SEZC on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

21 Oct

YouTube is Launching Handles

YouTube is introducing handles for users over the coming weeks, so they can easily identify and communicate with one another. Find out the details and how you can select or modify your handle for your channel. Follow Position Mobile on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn for more updates and check out their apps.

18 Oct

Only 9% of Users Open BeReal Every Day, According to Estimates

BeReal, a relatively new social media app, has seen its popularity increase, but only 9% of its users are using it daily. Learn how BeReal is competing against its rivals and how Position Mobile Ltd., SEZC is fighting imitation with this insightful post.

16 Oct

How to Find My Lost iPhone — Position Mobile Ltd. SEZC

If you've lost your phone, don't panic - Apple's Find My app will help you to easily locate and manage it. Find out how, plus 4 other steps to take when your phone is lost, with these helpful instructions from Position Mobile.

14 Oct

New Types of Ads are Being Introduced by Meta on Instagram and Messenger

Discover how Meta, the parent company of Facebook, is introducing new opportunities for advertising on Instagram and Messenger. Learn about their new method of placing ads on Instagram, allowing influencers to generate extra income, as well as the new machine learning tools on Messenger.