21 Oct

YouTube is Launching Handles

To make it simpler for users to find and communicate with one another, YouTube will be adding handles over the coming weeks. As we have found out, your handle will be distinctive to your channel and be used to identify you in community posts, mentions and other.

As Position Mobile has learned, over the next few weeks, YouTube will gradually enable channel handle selection. When you are able to pick yours, you will be notified in YouTube Studio and by an email. In most occasions, YouTube has set aside this for you as your handle if you already have a unique URL for your channel. You can alter the handle they have assigned you if you want something different. You’ll be able to select a handle for your channel if you don’t already have a unique URL for it.

If you haven’t already chosen a handle for your channel, YouTube will do so starting on November 14th, 2022. If you’d like to modify it, you can do so via YouTube Studio.

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