6 Apr

Twitter Launches Super Follow

As part of an effort to drive new revenue streams and increase the number of active users, Twitter is about to launch soon a new feature called Super Follow.

Super Follow will enable users to charge their followers in order to offer them access to exclusive content, as Position Mobile Ltd., SEZC has learned from Twitter.

More specifically, the followers will pay a not-yet-specified amount of money to the user so they can view additional Tweets that regular followers won’t have access to, according to BBC.

It’s worth mentioning that apart from exclusive content, Super Followers will also have access to additional services and benefits.

Moreover, Twitter has also announced the introduction of Communities, something similar to Facebook Groups. Users can join Communities or even create new ones, based on their hobbies and personal interests.

As Position Mobile Ltd., SEZC has found out, the tech giant aims to double the company’s annual revenue, and nearly double the number of active users by 2023.

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