18 May

Android Version of Clubhouse to Roll Out During the Week

After having a successful one-year run and harbouring a lot of buzz, the social media app Clubhouse is all set to launch its Android version globally. The announcement was made by the official Twitter handle of Clubhouse. The app has an invite-only interface to add new users which may be a hassle for some but as per the start-up, it is a convenient way to keep track of their growth. The model also adds exclusive appeal to the app. 

With surging popularity, Clubhouse has now ventured into Android which is a step in the right direction to make the app more accessible and inclusive. The Android version of the app is said to be rolled out throughout the world this week, as Position Mobile has learned from The Verge. The rollout started with the US and will continue to reach Japan, Russia, India, Nigeria, and Brazil. The Android version is expected to be available worldwide by Friday. 

The app reached 10 billion users during its first year when it was iOS only. With the Android version rolled out, the growth can be expected to increase manifold. Early reports have revealed that some of the features are not available on Android such as payments and linking to other social media profiles. However, the start-up has revealed that they are working on it.

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