16 Jul

Exclusive Stories Feature to be Launched By Instagram

Instagram is about to launch yet another new feature but this time it will allow content creators to monetize from it. The feature is very similar to the “Super Follow” feature by Twitter. As Position Mobile has learned, “Exclusive Stories” will let content creators to publish stories that can only be viewed by members. The feature will be based on a subscription model of sorts introducing exclusivity to Instagram stories. Those who do not subscribe will not be able to view the stories.

Moreover, members will not be allowed to screenshot the Exclusive Stories but the creator can share them as part of highlights. The details that have been revealed so far came from a screenshot of the prototype that is currently under development. The image was circulated on the internet by reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi, who is often behind major reveals that have not been officially released.

The platform, on the other hand, has confirmed the development of such a feature. However, it has not been tested publicly yet. Instagram refrained from revealing any further information. The Exclusive Stories feature is a part of some of the upcoming monetization features that the platform is developing.

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