22 Aug

5 Must-See Movies You Should Watch in August 2021

Netflix adds new movies and shows to its large library all the time. Most of them are Netflix originals, which means that are exclusively available on Netflix. If you love watching Netflix as much as Position Mobile folks do, below you will find 5 movies you should absolutely see this August.

1. Kissing Booth 3

The month of August is quite lucky for Kissing Booth fans. After the massive success of Kissing Booth 1 and 2, Kissing Booth 3 is here to put an end to a tale that began with a kissing booth exchange. The movie is a romantic comedy based on Beth Reekles’s Wattpad story and book. Kissing Booth 3 has been marketed as the final chapter of the Kissing Booth movie trilogy.

2. Pray Away

The story is based on the true event from 1970 where a group of people was claiming that gay people can become straight if they pray away their feelings and innermost thoughts.

Several leaders and survivors of the movement are invited on this documentary film to share their experiences of how and what exactly happened. The harrowing history of the conversion therapy featured in this documentary film is bound to make one shudder.

3. The Swarm

Ever thought of watching a horror movie in French? Well, The Swarm is a French drama film based on the story of a single mother who breeds locusts. The film was initially released in August 2020 but the Netflix debut happened earlier this month. A thoroughly gripping tale packed with horrifying details and graphics, The Swarm is bound to keep you on the edge throughout.

4. Five Feet Apart

Five Feet Apart is based on the love story of Stella Grant and Will Newman who are both cystic fibrosis patients. Both lovers meet on one of their many hospital visits and their complex lives intermingle to make them fall in love. A distance of less than five feet may prove lethal for their condition and thus, they always stick to the five feet apart rule.

Despite being released in 2019, the film wasn’t available on Netflix until August 1, 2021.

5. Vivo

Are you an animated movie enthusiast? Well, here is an option for you that you are going to thoroughly enjoy. Vivo is truly a treat for all animated movie buffs. The bonus is if you are also a music lover. The movie Vivo is Sony Pictures Animation’s first-ever musical adventure featuring all-new original songs from Lin-Manuel Miranda.

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