9 Sep

Is Clubhouse the Hottest App for 2021?

Clubhouse is based on two pillars: audio and exclusivity. It allows users to create and participate in conversations on specific topics, based to their interests. Topics vary from pet grooming to astrophysics.

Clubhouse is first and foremost an application, but above all a social network that allows users to interact with each other. They can listen to an ongoing discussion or even create their own Room. As Position Mobile has learned from Vuze, all users can create their own Clubhouse chat room and choose to make it either public or private. The rooms are hosted by an individual with or without the assistance of moderators.

Clubhouse is hot right now due to the fact that celebrities have made it popular. Its success has been for sure affected by the participation of Elon Musk, Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates, who have been very active on the platform since its launch. More than that, the fact that the content is not recordable gives Clubhouse this unique and unprecedented aspect; if you do not participate in this discussion when it occurs, you will never have access to it again.

The app prompts users to use their real identities, and it is possible to see the names of all participants in a conversation. In addition, each account is linked to a phone number, and not to an email address. Regarding the security of our data, it seems that Clubhouse still has a few points to adjust, so we don’t forget to use a VPN for each connection.

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