5 Nov

Meta Introduces New Ways For Creators To Make Money

After announcing its new corporate name, Meta, the social media giant revealed that is about to launch a number of new features to Facebook in an effort to make the platform more attractive to users and combat competition from other social media services such as TikTok.

More specifically, Facebook is trying to entice creators to produce high-quality content by giving them new ways to make a profit out of it. As Position Mobile has learned from CNBC, “Group Administrators and moderators will now be able to create community fundraisers, turn on e-commerce shops within their groups or charge subscriptions for users to access special subgroups.”

The direct goal of the new features is to give additional incentives to the users to stay on the platform and lure them to build a larger audience. Although this will eventually and indirectly impact in a positive way the revenue of Facebook, the company said that will not take a cut of the Groups revenue features.

Alison, Meta head of FB, made it clear that the Facebook app itself will not be changing its name and will play a crucial role as the company focuses on the metaverse.

“Facebook will be still Facebook like Instagram will be Instagram, WhatsApp will be WhatsApp, Messenger will be Messenger,” Alison said. “We are all part of Meta, and we are working together to build the future of these metaverse experiences.”

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