14 Nov

Facebook and Microsoft Rolling Out Their Own Metaverse

Microsoft brings metaverse into Teams, as part of Windows 11. According to a recent announcement of the tech giant, from the upcoming year users will appear as live avatars in their web chats and they will also be able to visit and share virtual workspaces. The company’s design is built on the new Mesh technology, which enables the management of complex virtual interactions on different devices, from computers to virtual reality “helmets” worn on the head.

Facebook on the other hand, has recently changed its corporate name to Meta as part of a major rebrand, putting FB’s resources toward the metaverse. In this virtual world of metaverse, users will be able to share experiences and interact in real time within simulated scenarios. Of course, for such an ambitious endeavour simple devices are not enough, therefore Facebook has clarified that they plan to invest a large amount of money on the transition.

Facebook has also stated that it will invest a significant amount of time and research to reach the peak of metaverse transition in 10 to 15 years from now, leaving the possibility of collaboration with other companies, open. It’s worth mentioning that Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp will not cease to exist. Instead, they will be used as applications within the metaverse network.

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