15 Feb

BILIBILI: Chinese Gen Z Video Platform

Bilibili, China’s largest anime streaming site, was founded in 2009. Bilibili is not just the largest anime streaming site of China, but also one of the largest video-sharing sites of the whole country.

The company has developed a platform mainly targeting Millennials and Generation Z, which enables them to watch pre-made content or create their own entertainment videos. What made Bilibili stand out was its ability to build a very active community in the niche market of ACG. The Shanghai-based company declares itself as the online home of ACG fans: Anime, Comics, Games.

The rapid growth in the number of users, has helped the company expand into many new areas and business lines, including advertising, mobile gaming and e-commerce. As Position Mobile has learned, Bilibili was originally inspired by Japanese video site Niconico. With 100M daily active users, Bilibili now outperforms both Niconico and even its older Chinese competitor, ACFun.

What does its content look like?
The platform’s traditional emphasis has been on gaming, however, Bilibili has become increasingly attractive to fashion, luxury and beauty brands.

Better than TikTok, Facebook and Pinterest?
The app can best be described as “China’s YouTube”. The average daily time spent on the platform by users exceeds 85 minutes. 450 million videos on average are being viewed every day on Bilibili. User engagement is huge, averaging 1.1 billion interactions per month. Bilibili has a popular feature that allows users to leave a comment during the video, which then appears on the side of the screen. Unlike TikTok, this popular video-sharing social network relies on professional quality content. Experienced creators are producing sought-after content, that makes users keep coming back for more.

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