20 Feb

Is a VPN Worth it?

You might be wondering “Do I need a VPN?” If you are not tech savvy, this article of Position Mobile will help you understand what a VPN is, how it works and all the benefits of having it installed on your phone.

VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network”.

VPN encrypts the data as it leaves your device, sending it to one of the VPN firm’s servers around the globe before it heads out onto the internet. As the data is now encoded, it is incomprehensible and cannot be used by ISPs or other spying parties. Your location appears to be where your chosen server is, instead of your actual one.

VPN is a service that protects your internet connection and privacy online by lending you a you a temporary IP address. Having a VPN installed on your device makes your internet connection more secure, helps you stay anonymous when surfing the web and helps you access censored sites.

What does that mean? VPN encrypts your online activity and unblock the websites you want, even if they are censored in your area or blocked by your academic institution, workplace or by a public Wi-Fi. If you want to enjoy all of your favourite apps and platforms without being restricted, VPN is your online master key.

If you are still wondering if having a VPN is important, below are all the reasons you probably need one for your iPhone or Android.

  • It stop trackers
  • It stops your ISP from selling your data
  • Lets you access blocked websites and videos
  • Adds security to public Wi-Fi
  • Gives extra security online

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