27 Feb

5 Amazing iPhone Tricks Most People Don’t Know About

People love iPhone because of its user-friendly UI and the overall stability of iOS. Apple took this step further with iOS 15 by introducing a couple of new useful features. Below you will find 5 awesome tricks and tips that will enhance your iPhone user experience, with most of them being available in older iOS versions too.

1.Clear Wrong Digits in the Calculator App

If you accidentally type the wrong digits in your calculator app, you can erase them by swiping left or right at the top of the screen to delete one digit at a time.

2.Record Videos With a Swipe

There are those times when you want to capture a moment immediately after opening the camera app. But by default, iPhone’s camera app always launches in photo mode. To record videos much faster, simply long-press the shutter button to start recording instantly. If you want to record a longer video, keep holding the shutter button and swipe to the right.

3.Download Large Apps via LTE and 5G

Apple’s default settings want you to download apps larger than 200MB via Wi-Fi. However, if you have enough mobile data you can remove this limitation. To do this, open your settings app >Tap iTunes & App Store > App Downloads and choose the “Always Allow”.

4.Silence Calls From Unknown Contacts

There are those times when you don’t want to pick up calls from strangers. Fortunately, iOS now allows users to do this through the phone app settings. To silence calls from unknown callers, open your settings app, scroll down and tap on Phone, then toggle the “Silence Unknown Callers” button to the right. This will silence calls from all the numbers not saved on your iPhone.

5.Type Faster With Text Replacement

Everyone has those common words and phrases they use while texting friends and family. iOS now allows you to do this much faster using the Text Replacement feature. With this feature, you can simply type four letters such as “HAYD” instead of typing the phrase “How are you doing”. However, you have to first add these abbreviations to your keyboard. To do this, go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement. You can now add abbreviations to all the common phrases you use while typing on your iPhone keyboard.

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