13 Apr

Meta has Started Testing the Sale of Virtual Goods

The social media behemoth has begun to test the sale of virtual items, with creators and influencers.
The metaverse has created a lot of talk about a brave new world where people can do all kinds of crazy things from their devices.

Horizon Worlds, Meta’s social metaverse platform for Quest VR headsets, is testing multiple features that will allow creators to experiment with alternative methods to generate money off of what they’re developing, according to Meta.

According to The Street,”The company said it was rolling out a test with a handful of creators that will let them sell virtual items and effects within their worlds. Someone, for example, could make and sell attachable accessories for a fashion world or offer paid access to a new part of a world.”

Professor of AI and spatial computing at Liverpool Hope University, David Reid, believes the metaverse market will evolve in the same way that the Web did.

However, Reid raised the issue of interoperability, stating that products and services purchased in one location must be transferable, and that a wallet that works in one place must also operate in other locations too.

“I think Mark Zuckerberg is aware that for the metaverse to work, interoperability is key,” Reid said. “If borders exist between different companies between different companies, then you are not creating a metaverse but a multiverse.”

According to a Meta spokesman, creators will be paid from sales made in their worlds, less any applicable hardware platform fees and a 25% Horizon Worlds charge.

Horizon Worlds will be available for mobile phones later this year, according to CEO Mark Zuckerberg. If you have enjoyed this post, make sure you follow Position Mobile Ltd.,SEZC on FacebookInstagram and LinkedInand also check our Apps outhere.