20 Apr

The Future Edit Feature on Twitter Could Keep Track of Tweet History

According to reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong, editing a tweet with Twitter’s impending edit button could leave a digital trace of your tweet’s history. Manchun Wong says in a tweet that the edit function appears to have a “immutable” quality, which means that when a tweet is modified, Twitter may create a whole new tweet while keeping prior versions of that tweet.

According to The Verge, “As Manchun Wong notes, it’s unclear how a tweet’s edit history will appear to users — if it will at all. But if Twitter does decide to make tweet history public, it could be a way to address concerns over potential abuse of the feature, as some critics believe it could be used to alter the public record and mislead users.”

Twitter originally revealed that it is working on the edit button earlier this month, seemingly as a joke.

A tweet history tracker has yet to be confirmed by Twitter. In an email to The Verge, Twitter spokesperson Anna Hubatsch wrote, “Nothing else to share at the moment beyond what is in this Tweet from @TwitterComms and this Tweet from @JaySullivan, VP of Consumer Product.”

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