19 May

TikTok is Rolling Out New Attribution Tools

TikTok is releasing new tools to encourage users to properly credit and attribute creators’ work. TikTok announced Wednesday that when users post videos containing trendy dances, joke formats, and editing techniques, they will be able to tag the creators who started the trend.

As Position Mobile has learned from NBC News, TikTok producers, many of whom are members of underrepresented groups, have pressed the platform to appropriately reward trend creators. Some Black TikTok makers refused to choreograph routines to Megan Thee Stallion’s “Thot S — -” last year in protest of non-Black creators going viral for re-creating their dances without crediting them. Many creators have now taken to publicly shame companies who use their viral content without paying them.

 TikTok’s director of creator community, Kudzi Chikumbu, wrote in a blog post, “Inspiration can come from anywhere, and it’s important that creators are equipped with the right tools that allow TikTok to continue being a place where creativity is celebrated and individually credited.”

“It’s important to see a culture of credit take shape across the digital landscape and to support underrepresented creators in being properly credited and celebrated for their work.” Chikumbu said.

The new crediting feature is available on the video posting page for TikTok users. When they’re ready, they may tap the new “video” symbol to navigate through all of the videos they’ve liked, favourited, or posted, or from which they’ve used the same audio.

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