10 Jun

TikTok Rolls Out Screen Time Controls to Monitor App Usage

TikTok has announced the addition of a number of new features aimed at preventing users from becoming absorbed in the service’s endless feed of addicting short-form videos. As Position Mobile has learned from The Verge, ‘‘A new tool will show a reminder after using the app for a prolonged, user-defined period of time, adding a new safeguard to existing daily limits’’. If a teen (aged 13 to 17) spends more than 100 minutes in the app in a single day, they will be requested to use the screen time control tool.

TikTok is also introducing a new screen time dashboard, which displays an overview of app usage. The total time the application has been used, a breakdown of day and night use, and a daily counter for the amount of time each user has spent on TikTok are all included in the statistics.

The launch of TikTok’s additional features follows the roll out of similar tools to other apps, which are aimed at helping users control their time spent on social media and other entertainment apps. On iOS and Android, Apple and Google both allow app limitations to be set.

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