20 Jun

Internet Explorer is Being Discontinued

The consumer edition of Internet Explorer is being phased out by Microsoft, as Position Mobile has learned from BBC. Last year, it stated that Internet Explorer 11 will be the final version. In 1995, Internet Explorer was released for Windows desktop computers, and by 2004, it had a 95 percent market share. Google Chrome, Apple’s Safari, and Mozilla Firefox, on the other hand, are now the most popular browsers. Microsoft Edge, which debuted alongside Windows 10 in 2015, is recommended to users who wish to stay with the company.

The popularity of Internet Explorer was harmed by the release of faster browsers such as Chrome and Firefox, as people flocked to new apps to browse platforms such as Google Search, Facebook, and YouTube. The development of smartphones probably dealt the final blow, with Apple’s Safari browser pre-installed on iPhones and Google Chrome on Android phones helping to move internet access and usage to the mobile sphere. According to StatCounter, an independent web analytics organization, mobile and tablet internet usage surpassed desktop for the first time in October 2016.

For developers and people who need to use legacy programs, Edge has a “IE mode” built in. Microsoft claims that previous versions of Windows, such as Windows 8.1, Windows 7 Extended Security Updates, and certain versions of Windows 10, will continue to have access to its traditional desktop browser. And, having been pre-installed on Windows machines for more than two decades, Internet Explorer’s legacy will undoubtedly carry on after its retirement.

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