1 Jul

Instagram Now Allows you to Add Three Posts to Your Profile

A couple of weeks ago, Instagram made the announcement that users would soon be able to pin up to three posts — including images or Reels — to the top of their profile grid. According to Instagram, the new function will provide users more freedom to express themselves on their accounts. The option to pin posts is already beginning to go out to all users globally.

By selecting “Pin to your profile” from the drop-down menu after clicking on a specific photo or Reel’s three dots in the upper right corner, you can pin a post. When you do this, the post will come up at the top of your profile grid.

Users who wish to highlight their favourite posts that may have been buried lower down in their photo grid will enjoy the ability to pin a particular post to their profile. According to TechCrunch, “The feature could also be useful for creators who post frequently but want to highlight a specific post. Currently, users have the option to pin Stories to their profile, but this new feature expands this ability to posts”.

The process of highlighting a post in a Story and then pinning it to your profile was previously possible, but this new feature makes it much simpler and easier. It’s important to note that the new function is comparable to the “Pin to your profile” function on Twitter and the “Pinned videos” function on TikTok, both of which allow you to pin items to the top of your profile.

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