3 Jul

The Most Recent Update to Chrome’s Password Manager Allows Manual Credential Entry Across All Platforms

In an effort to keep up with standalone services like 1Password and Bitwarden, Google has updated the built-in password manager for Chrome and Android, the company reported yesterday. The option to manually add passwords to the service, as opposed to merely relying on Chrome’s offer to save credentials when you use them, is of utmost importance. As Position Mobile has learned from The Verge“There had previously been signs of this feature on Chrome on desktop, but now Google says it’s making it available across all platforms”.

In addition, the internet giant said that it is planning to integrate the password manager’s interface between Chrome and Android with “a simplified and unified management experience,” which it claims includes a function that would automatically collect multiple passwords used on the same website. To make signing in even quicker, Google says the new “Touch-to-Login” feature for Android lets people enter their login details via an overlay at the bottom of the screen.

On iOS, autofilling saved passwords in apps other than Chrome is already possible using Google’s password manager. The password manager can also check for weak and reused passwords. In order to enable cutting-edge technologies like passwordless passkeys, Google says it is continue to invest in its password manager.

Even while Google’s password manager offers a feature set that is becoming equivalent to standalone password managers from third parties, it appears hesitant to turn it into a separate app.

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