15 Jul

How to Browse LinkedIn Profiles Anonymously

When browsing the profiles of other users on LinkedIn, you can select from a number of various visibility options. Log in, then click your profile (under “Me”), then select “Settings and privacy” to access them. Select “Visibility” from the sidebar, then select “Profile viewing.”

You have three choices here. By default, “Your name and headline” and a sneak peek of what each person will see when you click on their profile will be displayed.

However, “Private profile characteristics” is your second option. Instead of providing the user with any apparent information about you, this option just provides a brief fact about your network. For instance, if this setting is enabled, LinkedIn users may see “Someone at ARN Media” instead of “Ryan Thompson, Digital Marketing Lead, at ARN Media” viewing their profile.

The final choice, “Private mode,” will provide the user no personal information of any type and enable you to view as many profiles as you’d like completely anonymously. This is the option you want if you want complete privacy. You’ll still leave a trail because every page you visit counts as another profile view. However, no one will be able to identify you and won’t even get an indication as to who you are.

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