23 Jul

Apple: The First Public Beta Version of iOS 16 Has Been Released

The initial iPhone was released by Apple on June 29, 2007. People never imagined features could fit in the palm of their hands, but Steve Jobs stunned the world with them as he stood on stage.

With this presentation came the iconic image of a clownfish on the home screen. This may not seem like a big deal but it turns out that this wallpaper was never released with any version of iOS, according to Jason Aten.

Right now some users are finding this particular wallpaper on the latest beta version of iOS 16! Fifteen years later and we might finally get the clownfish wallpaper. Although, this is just a beta version, meaning it may not get pushed through, we definitely have our fingers crossed.

There will be many new features in iOS 16 but one that people can’t stop talking about is the ability to edit or delete a text. How many times have you sent a text and immediately felt regret?? Now you will be able to take it back but you only have a few minutes to do so.

Once again, Apple has us on the hook just waiting for the newest update and the next phone!

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