10 Aug

Microsoft is Introducing OneDrive Home

With the launch of OneDrive Home, Microsoft is celebrating OneDrive’s 15th anniversary and making it simpler for users to manage their work. When you first visit OneDrive, you’ll land on the redesigned Home page, which resembles the dashboard in the online version of Office according to The Verge, rather than the My files tab.

OneDrive Home offers a list of your files, arranged by the most recent time you accessed them, similar to the Office web interface. You can sort your documents by Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF file types using the filters located above the list.

Additionally, a shared document now has a new “Activity” column to the right of the “Owner” file field that notifies you if someone comments, @mentions another user, or gives you a task. Microsoft is introducing a new Quick access section on the left side of the Home view, where you can find and pin your most often used places, exactly as on Windows.

OneDrive Home will be available in “the coming months,” according to Microsoft, meaning these modifications aren’t actually live yet. But based on how it appears, the new Home page might act as a focal point for keeping organized while working remotely.

In addition to its OneDrive web app, Microsoft is making its photo story feature for the OneDrive mobile app available to users in Australia. This feature is basically OneDrive’s version of Instagram stories. Users in the US and other places won’t start using the function until later this year.

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