27 Sep

What is BeReal?

Every week it seems like new social media apps are released, yet many of them are short-lived. BeReal has built enough popularity to get the attention of much bigger social media apps thanks to a novel, uncomplicated idea. What makes it stand out?
BeReal was created by former GoPro employee Alexis Barreyat and debuted in 2020. It didn’t gain popularity, though, until the beginning of 2022. It has more than 10 million daily active users as of August 2022. Let’s examine the reasons why so many people love it.

How Does BeReal Work?

BeReal is an iPhone and Android social media apps that encourages authenticity. Sharing photographs is how it happens, but it works considerably differently than other applications.

There is a two-minute window each day for posting a photo. When this window opens, BeReal notifies all users simultaneously at a different time each day. You are not required to post every day, and you are allowed to publish outside of the designated window, but your photo will show how late it was.

According to How-to-Geek, “The other thing that makes BeReal interesting is how you take a photo. It uses the front and rear cameras on your phone to show your environment and yourself. Each BeReal features the person’s POV and a small selfie in the corner. There are no hashtags, and most people don’t add captions, but you can add your location if you choose.”

There aren’t any filters or photo-editing tools because authenticity is the central objective. You just take a picture using either the front or rear cameras, then upload it. The only things you can do are snap new images and erase posts.

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