14 Oct

New Types of Ads are Being Introduced by Meta on Instagram and Messenger

In an attempt to stop a decline in revenue that has caused the stock price of Facebook parent company Meta to drop to its lowest level since early 2019, the tech giant is introducing new opportunities for advertising on Instagram and Messenger.

On Monday, Meta revealed a new method for advertisers to run ads on Instagram’s explore page, which serves users content based on their behaviours and preferences, as well as on the profile pages of all non-teen, public users. Selected influencers will have the option to let ads to show up on their feeds as a potential source of income as part of a new test of the ad format.

According to Maz Sharafi, vice president of marketing at Meta, Facebook is introducing a feature on the Messenger messaging service that employs machine learning tools to display advertisements targeted at “reaching those who are most likely to make a purchase.”

As Position Mobile has found out from CNBC, Sharafi noted that “the important thing here is that we do not use message content for ads,” implying that the company will not analyze Messenger messages to determine which ads get placed.

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